Lain is born in Northwestern China, who has a wide range creative skills including: oil paintings, digital painting and mixed media arts.

He has finished studying Creative Technology in Wellington and now based in Auckland.

Varisio is born in Italy by the sea. She has a partiality to poster art, a penchant for comics and a weakness for miniatures, which are all reflected in her prints.

C. Varisio

p. GIbson

Gibson was born in 1981 though, in Charlotte North Carolina. He spent most of my youth playing with action figures and reading through miniature mountains of comic books.

G. Barr

Barr's surreal creatures, specters and tragic characters live in a seedy universe, drenched in the grit and haze of a post-apocalyptic urban dreamscape.

Barr finds inspiration in the city streets as well as from pop and counter cultures.

Concepción Studios is an award-winning design studio based in California’s San Francisco Bay Area specializing in graphics for the entertainment industry. 


I. GarcìA

Garcìa is an illustrator and a comic author.

His inspiration includes Pulpscience fictionhistoryarttv showsbooks and movies

Janecic is a freelance comic artist, illustrator and painter from Zagreb, Croatia; living between painting, drawing and skateboarding.

H. Janecic

through the symbolic cryptic. The cryptic, emotional hyperbole and violence that build images with a romantic reading that determine the path between the fictitious and the real thing.


Illustrations of Delacage often aims the visual excitement and the search for a second reading 

E. Kara

Kara is an architect from Leipzig, Germany who also likes to illustrate. She and her friends came together and decided to design unique posters inspired by the films they like. 

C.L. Bond

Bond is a 22 year old Physics student, and has a big passion on creating.

She has never stopped drawing and painting, even she has chosen the path of studying physics.

Graduated at the Academy Of Fine Arts University of Bologna, Candini lives between Italy and USA, is working as a full time artist primarly within the pop surreal genre.

S. Candini

X.Y, Zhang

Zhang graduated from Beijing Normal University Art & Media College in Master of expressive oil painting. She is now based in Beijing.

Her paintings reflected her views on society- a hope to express thought in more of a simplistic, humourous manner.

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